From the Browse

I’ve been browsing the internet for a whole plethora of things. The realization that I go back to school for my last semester in just three weeks has put me in a mood of self-improvement, bucket listing, and planning. I’m not only moving my life one last time, but I’m also leaving the household that, for all intensive purposes, I have been running since I got home from Tanzania. There will be voids to be filled, at least for the next four months until I come home for good.

For planning my fall and winter wardrobe, I’ve enjoyed the content from Caroline at Un-fancy. I’ll be working through her capsule wardrobe planning guides before I go back, although at this point I’ve been so spartan in my wardrobe culling that the best of the best remains. Even if you are like me and at this stage of wardrobe planning, there is nothing like going through this little guide to really feel like a curator. My posture improves just thinking about it.

Angela at Wool and Wanderlust makes me want to do all sorts of things. Photograph, bake, picnic, have lots of children, wear black eyeliner.

I can’t wait for Jennifer L. Scott’s new book At Home With Madame Chic to come out. Right now I’m reading through Lessons with Madame Chic (again) and it’s lovely as usual. I may write a “Lessons from Mama Africa”, would you like that?

Humbling of humbles. The Pacer app has informed me that I have only been active for 46 minutes today and I have only just walked 5000 paces despite a 40 minute jaunt after lunch. On the bright side, the counter makes me want to get up and do chores.

I’m going to go stay on my feet for a bit before I do some marathon knitting. My hemlock ring blanket is in the last third of its bind-off and all I can think is “this had better block out” because it’s rumpling like a dried up octopus. I want to finish the Seaglass Shell before I go back to school because I think I’ll be able to wear it for another month. At school, I’ll work on Christmas knitting. Last month (Christmas in July), I knit 2 1/2 socks and conquered some personal colorwork demons.


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