Christmas in July

I’m told this helps some people.

After starting and putting down a bunch of projects, I’m fed up with my selfishness and I’m declaring this month “Christmas in July”, meaning I will only knit Christmas gifts. Hopefully that means three pairs of socks. One pair every 9 days; yikes! I’ve had a bit of anxiety from my personal sock project lately, being that I’ve knit one sock and I don’t want to knit the other one in the same technique. So instead of casting on for the second sock, I’ve put everything in a bag because I’m convinced that someone will notice a heel flap on one but not the other. That, or I will rip out the first sock (for the second time) and knit it the way I want. At what point can I start saying “it’s the yarn”?

I will be more decisive with these socks; maybe I’ll do them two at a time. One of them is an exact repeat of a pair I’ve already made.

I want to make Moustached Cat and something with a bike motif. I found five colors of Lion Brand Sock Ease to practice color work with and, as evidenced by the fact that they are still wearable, Sock Ease made my first ever socks so they will wear like bricks for these ones.

So now the goal is set and made public. Progress pictures to come!


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